Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Launching This Thing...

Alright, blessings to you all. My name is John, and I'm a pastor with Westchester Church of the Nazarene. This is an old church that, as it says, was near death - who knows, maybe we did die. Let me tell you, God can do some AMAZING things with the dead. A recent study puts 80% of all traditional churches in the U.S. at 'maintaining' or 'dying' - so we were not alone. But even two years ago, we had hope that God was going to do something brand new....so why fear death?

And God has indeed done something death-defying. He has brought brand-new, organic, abudant life to our church community. We are seeing the natural development of an organic church network, and right now - first week of June - that burst of growth is, uh, speeding up!

Anyway, we are always using list emails to communicate, and someone had a brilliant idea - stick it on a blog, yo.

So that's what this is. You can check this blog for general news about the network. And soon we will be liking this blog to individual blogs which represent each church.

So, yeah. If you are googling organic church Los Angeles and this page comes up, email me. I'll contact you and we'll hook up for coffee or something.

For the rest of ya'll, this is the new place to stay on top of things.

He didn't come to make bad people good; he came to make dead, flatlining people live!