Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good Times in Bakersfield!

Yes! Our trip to Bakersfield has come and gone. For those who didn't hear, we headed up there Sunday afternoon to facilitate a seminar entitled 'What Is Organic Church?' I cannot expess how long we worked on the Spanish Translations for these materials, but as I was standing up there - they had me on a stage - I was looking at these notes, thinking, 'Don't read to them; speak with them.'

So that's what I did.

we kept coming back to this question: What is the DNA of Jesus' church? I was worried I had repeated myself on that focus. But the next day at breakfast, I spoke with Pastor Joel and as his wife, Ophelia, translated he expressed that, basically, they needed this discussion of DNA. He said there is a big sense of 'What's next?' among his people...many of whom are in active discipleship (58 groups, actually!). So we shared about the effects of having strong D and N but weak A in these groups. I have learned from Pastor Joel and it was encouraging to help with a fresh perspective on th great things God is doing in Bakersfield.

Love you all! Men's retreat this weekend. Then Greenhouse Sunday night. Can't wait!